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About us

Our Vision
To Inspire, educate, and collaborate with individuals and organizations inachieving sustainability

Our Goal
To be a credible Think-Tank for Leadership, Education and Partnership in Sustainability for the World

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Make a difference
  • Hard work
  • Having integrity
  • Honest
  • Humble
  • Respect diversity

Institute for Sustainability and Agility (ISA)

Institute for Sustainability and Agility (ISA) is a brand name under legal entity of PT Cendekia Edukasi Citra Tritunggal

PT Cendekia Edukasi Citra Tritunggal is a holding company with several specialisation as depicted in the diagram

Our Activities

Our activities consists of 4 pillars:
Partnership, Research and Publication, Education, Community Services

our activity


We collaborate with many sectors to be in partnership for research, education and publication as well as stakeholder engagement & CSR Implementation

Research and Publication
We collaborate with parties who need research activities in the fields of CSR, Sustainability, Community Development, Social Enterprise and others (click to Our Area of Expertise) as a basis for decision making as well as part of strategic management. We also collaborate with various parties to conduct joint-publications.

Stakeholder Engagement & CSR Implementation
We collaborate with companies and other sectors to assist them in CSR activities and engage with key and relevant stakeholders

our activity

Research & Publication

We collaborate with all sectors to conduct research and publish many scientific works in order to inspire others

ISA Sustainability Awards
are awards that we give to selected organizations, both from the private sector, third sectors such as foundations, associations, cooperatives, and other civil society organizations that are able to demonstrate significant efforts in contributing to sustainability in the areas of: people, planet, prosperity ,partnership and peace

ISA Change Maker Awards
is an award that we give to individuals who make significant changes for sustainable development, whether they are beginners or seniors, namely those who consistently make changes that make people's lives and the environment better

Consultative Research
In providing consultation we work closely with the Australian company that became one of our founders, namely Interlink Technology, Pty.Ltd.
Our areas of expertise are here

Policy Research
we have extensive experience in the field of policy research for House of Representative Members, as well as Ministries, such as the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise to draft Laws, Ministry Regulations and Roadmaps for Ministries

Case Study Writing
We always write down our consulting work experiences with clients to share with the public through Workshops. Thus we can inspire and provide education based on real cases

Academic Research
We do Academic Research for scientific publications. We have collaborated with various countries in various research, including in the fields of Organizational Governance, Philanthropy, Social Innovation, Social Enterprise, CSR with grants from the Ford Foundation and the European Union, among others

Academic Review
We are experienced in conducting many academic reviews through collaborative research activities as well as in the context of Drafting Laws and Ministerial Regulations

White Papers
We write and publish the results of discussions with experts and the public to provide input to the government related to sustainability issues. Our discussion activities are carried out through our Webinar Series activities and Seminars

Tools Development
we have developed many tools based on relevant theories to assist many sectors in planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

our activity


We have a strong intention to inspire all parties to be no-one-left-behind in an effort to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs). This can only be achieved through inspiring Education. This basis is our foundation in carrying out activities in the field of Education

Professional Development
We hold many workshops for the public with the aim of helping them improve their knowledge and skills so that they can perform better in their efforts to become Change Makers to contribute to the SDGs. We also provide Professional Coaching in the areas of CSR, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise

Diploma with Australia Degree and Certification
We collaborate with Polytechnics in Australia: Interlink Technology Australia, in the fields of Diploma of Project Management, Diploma of Risk Management, Diploma of Consultancy and others, which can be viewed on the website

Webinar Series
We hold regular webinars by inviting experts in their fields, with topics in accordance with global developments that lead to the achievement of the SDGs

We hold regular seminars by inviting researchers and practitioners to share the results of research and experiences in business practices, sustainability, and CSR that have been carried out. The main goal is to inspire the public. We are temporarily limiting offline seminar activities during the pandemic, therefore we are currently prioritizing Webinar activities

our activity

Community Services

We want to do walk-the-talk, so we practice what we teach or share with the public in the field of CSR and Community Development. Therefore, we are collaborating with Cahaya Tritunggal Foundation through CCS (Combined Clinic Sustainability) to provide free Coaching to selected parties in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, CSR and Sustainability

Free Webinars
In collaboration with Cahaya Tritunggal Foundation, we organize Free-Webinar for young people and orphanage children in the field of Entrepreneurship with the hope of inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs and be able to create jobs and achieve sustainable businesses

Free Coaching for Incubators
In collaboration with Cahaya Tritunggal Foundation, we organize Free-Coaching to help young entrepreneurs achieve business continuity and achieve a sustainable business

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Our Team

Tony Simmonds
Expert Advisory Team

Amalia Yunita
Expert Advisory Team

Rio Zakarias
Vice President

Maria Rosaline Nindita Radyati
President Director

Justin Saputra
Team Leader

Silverius Oscar Unggul
Expert Advisory Team

Fransiska Lie Siang
Finance Manager

Maria Ariesta Utha
Research and Education

Salsabila Altje
Researcher Team

Nabila Tahira
Researcher Team

Chevi Putri Prayida
Researcher Team

Indri Agnestesya
Researcher Team

Tri Melia Damaiyanti
Researcher Team

Gerardus Lokeswara Lagaida Jati
Researcher Team

Ahmad Fauzi
Researcher Team


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Institute for Sustainability and Agility (ISA) has participated as a Member of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2021